Coupon Sales

I received a coupon code but it doesn't work.  Will you still honor it?

This is a toughy.  As we always want to give you the best deal possible, we also have to maintain cost, and inventory tracking.  We often run major specials around the spring, summer, and fall holidays.  The ones that fall in between those sales are usually brief "flash-sales" where we only have something on sale for a day or three.  Also, if an item is marked at a sale price (which it often is in the summer months) on the website, a coupon will not discount it more than it is already listed for.  

Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions for a customer being away during a holiday sale, missing a sale email during the event, or applying a sale price to an order placed prior to the sale, or after the sale.  Prices are adjusted accordingly for our inventory, and our cost at the time re receive shipments.  The more of a specific product we move, the cheaper it gets for everyone.  

The best place to get flash-sale coupon codes is on our Facebook page at  Keep your eyes peeled, because they don't last long when they go up.  Sometimes they are for a specific product for a one-day sale, sometimes they are for a specific amount of coupon codes only, and expire when they are all used up, sometimes, they are for a percentage off of anything in our inventory.  You just never know.  Just remember that if stored in an airtight,  cool, dry place, our food will last up to a year in storage, so don't hesitate to buy more than you need and store it.