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Phone-In Order Policy

Due to the volume of business during the spring - fall season,  I am often unable to accept phone orders.  Our business is designed to accept all orders securely and efficiently via the website.  Each and every transaction is processed directly through our credit processor, and no credit card information is stored in our system.

Anytime a buyer phones in to order, I am required to input the exact same information into the site order form that a buyer would normally do while placing their order online.  By requesting the buyer to complete their order, this avoids the possibility of me transcribing the wrong information while taking the order via phone.  Entering names and addresses is much easier for the buyer, rather than telling it to me by phone, where I may not be able to pronounce or spell a persons name, street name or address, or the name of the city where you live.    

Being that this is a family-owned business, we do not have the luxury of a call center with dozens of employees to answer calls.  We consider all orders personal business between ourselves and the buyers, and each order is treated as if it were our own order.  Much time is spent carefully preparing each individual order for shipping, to ensure each buyer gets exactly what they pay for.   All items are packed to each specific order.

I am more than happy to accept calls to assist with any questions or decisions that may be required to complete your order, or those who just wish to ask questions about ponding!

I appreciate your understanding with this policy, as it will help streamline the ordering process even more so.